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       Our R&D team for garment processing business is handled by specialists with over 40 years of experience in the garment processing and chemical industry, and supported by R&D personnel who have 4 to 20 years of experience in the garment processing industry.

       While we do not undertake any R&D activities for our industrial laundry equipment business, we gather feedback to enhance the functions and automation of our equipment through the use of our in-house brand of equipment in our garment processing facility.

R&D Department

        We believe that garment processing is an integral part of the garment manufacturing process as it serves to differentiate our customer's products in the market. As fashion trends are rapidly evolving, the fashion labels are constantly working on innovative designs for their apparel to maintain their competitive edge. We play a critical role in assisting them to translate these innovative design concepts onto the garments.

        Our R&D team works closely with our customers and designers of the fashion labels in experimenting with different processing techniques to achieve desired appearances on the garments. We come up with new styles and designs that are not only attractive, but also competitive in terms of cost and productivity.
        We are continuously developing at least thirty or more new designs every month for denim, twill and knits garments. We are able to create designs and new washing technology suited for every season.

R&D Design Team
  The R&D Department also looks for ways to increase our productivity and cost efficiency using different garment processing techniques. The expertise of the team enables us to develop solutions and resolve any technical hitches that may arise in the course of our garment processing workflow.
        Through interactions with our customers and designers, we gather new ideas of the latest fashion trends. With this market knowledge and their technical expertise, our R&D team also develops new designs and effects for garments as part of our value-added services to our buyers/customers. We therefore invite designers from any brand labels to visit and develop their own concept together with our design team and R&D team.
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